Doosoo Yoon in 2018

I am a postdoctoral fellow, working with Prof. Sera Markoff at Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy. Using GRMHD code H-AMR, I’ve been studying the dynamics of accretion disk, wind, and jets around black holes. As a member of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project, I’ve been particiapting in the collaborative investigation that explores the nature of supermassive black holes, such as Sgr A* and M87.

Before the current position, I was a CAS PIFI Fellow Postdoctor working with Prof. Feng Yuan and his group members at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. I truely have diverse interests on astrophysical outflows and their impact on the environment. With Prof. Yuan, I have studied the theoretically the effects of Active Galactic Nuclei Feedback on the evolution of isolated Early Type Galaxies considering the galactic rotation and its angular momentum transport outward.

I graduated at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, supervised by Prof. Sebastian Heinz. Using theory and/or numerical simulations, I’d studied the dynamics of (semi-)relativistic outflows from compact objects interacting with the interstellar matter. My major interests were jets from high(low) mass X-ray binaries and bow shock pulsar wind nebulae.

Before starting Phd program in US, as a member of CnTAG at the Seoul National University in South Korea, I’d studied a gaseous dynamics about barred spiral galaxies regarding with the effects of self-gravity . This project was supervised by Prof. Woong-Tae Kim.

Outside the research, I love to play any sports especially with ball such as soccer, basket ball, tennis, ping-pong, and so on. Also, I like traveling everywhere and playing guitar.

  • Recent & Upcoming Events
    • present a poster in AAS 235th at Hawaii (Jan.,2020)
    • The paper “On the Role of Hot Feedback Mode in Active Galactic Nuclei Feedback in an Elliptical Galaxy” is accepted for publication in ApJ (Sep.2019)
    • Take part in organizing Advancing Theoretical Astrophysics in Amsterdam 2019 as a LOC member (July.2019)
    • attend Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration Meeting 2018 at Radboud Univ. (Nov.2018)
    • The paper “Active Galactic Nuclei Feedback in an Elliptical Galaxy with the Most Updated AGN Physics (II): High-angular Momentum Case” is published in ApJ (Aug.2018)
    • The paper “Active Galactic Nuclei Feedback in an Elliptical Galaxy with the Most Updated AGN Physics (I): Low-angular Momentum Case” is published in ApJ (Apr.2018)
    • present a seminar talk at the University of Iowa, Iowa city (Sep. 5, 2017)
    • present a poster in HEAD meeting 16th at Idaho (Aug.20-24,2017)
    • present an oral talk in Accreting black holes and AGN feedback conference at Harbin (Jul.24-27,2017)
    • present an oral talk in APRIM Conference at Taiwan (Jul.3-7,2017)
    • present an oral talk in key laboratory meeting at Taiwan (Jul.1-3,2017)
    • The paper “Bow-shock Pulsar Wind Nebulae Passing Through Density Discontinuities” is published in MNRAS (Jan.2017)
    • award the NSFC Research Fund for Young International Scientists (Aug.18,2016)
    • attend the Cloudy Workshop at Shandong University (Jun. 20, 2016)
    • The paper “Formation of Recollimation Shocks in Jets of High-mass X-ray Binaries” is published in MNRAS (Jan.2016)

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